Monday, April 7, 2008

Maybe a shoe conclusion

As noted previously, my Keen boots are a little small. This just means that I cannot wear a thick sock i.e. SmartWool Trekking (heavy cushion) socks are out of the question.

However, I'm wearing the mini crews I picked up yesterday. So far, so good. I'm going to walk around a lot in the next week with his combination. If it works, I'm going with the Keens. Wet feet suck. (which is why, if I go with the Keens, I'm going with Integral Designs eVent Shortie Gaiters.
On that note, I'm curious at what point I would take the running shoes over the boots. Here's some quick ideas:

  • WP/B shoes if
    • No stream crossings
    • Wet conditions
    • Muddy conditions
  • Trekking shoes if
    • Stream crossings required
    • Drier conditions
It's just a quick list. In the ends, it's a balance.

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