Monday, April 21, 2008

The GF bought a backpack

She bought her first hiking backpack. Woot!

We went to Midwest Mountaineering today and looked at packs. After looking at a large number of packs, she went with the Granite Gear Vapor Ki. It's the women's version of my pack, the Vapor Trail.
In coming to her conclusion, she tried on, and rejected, the following packs:
  • GoLite Jam^2
  • GoLite Pinnacle
  • GoLite Quest
  • Osprey Talon 44 (my bro's pack)
  • Granite Gear Vapor Trail /w women's hipbelt
But the real kicker was color. All of the GoLite Packs were purple. The GG pack she went with was purple, and Granite Gear does not make the Vapor Ki in a different color. Everything, really, was purple.

And she hates purple. But she got it because it fit and was comfortable. So be it. We're heading up to Split Rock State Park this weekend for an easy weekend trip. It will be her first backpacking trip.

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