Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gaiters don't need McNetts

I shot the folks at Integral Designs an e-mail about seam sealing the gaiters. Here's the response, from Evan:

"The seams are not taped on the gaiters. There is rarely a pressure of water on them, and from our experience with extensive use they rarely leak through the seam."

I gotta believe it, but it seems (no pun intended) counter-intuitive. Water + un-sealed seams = rain leaking in. But, hey, I'll test. My guess? They won't leak, especially because of ID's rock-star reputation.

On another note, moved the Arc'Teryx Alpha SL jacket over to their outlet. It's the '07 model on sale for ~$170, down from $250. The '08 version sells for ~$300. I just finished reviving the DWR on my Precip, but I have yet to test it. If it didn't work, I'm pulling the trigger and buying the Arc'Teryx. Why this one? Well, it weighs almost nothing, has a rock-star fabric, welded seams, excellent warranty and high-quality construction.

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