Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking forwards and backwards, all at the same time

2010 is over. In it, I devoted much of my time to non-running pursuits - like finishing law school, taking the bar exam, and getting married - yet I managed to finish my first 50 mile race all while running one of my lowest yearly mileages in recent memory. I also spent only a handful of nights outdoors and only went on one non-scouting camping/hiking trip.

I don't like resolutions. I prefer to make goals, and the start of a new year happens to be an excellent time to announce these goals. Here are my running-related goals for 2011 and beyond, listed in likely chronological order of completion:

  • Complete the Hundred Pushups program
  • Finish Superior Trail Races Spring 50K and run sub-5 hours
  • Pace at FANS 24 hour run: my wife for the first 12, and a friend for the rest
  • Finish Afton Trail Race 50K and run sub-5 hours
  • Finish Superior Trail Races 100 mile (Sawtooth 100) in the allotted time
  • Finish the Mankato Marathon and run sub-3 hours
  • Sign up for Arrowhead Ultra 135 (February 2012)
  • Enter (and win!) the lottery for Western States 2012
  • Run 2011 miles this year
  • Volunteer at various ultras in MN
  • Run as many miles as I can in sandals
  • See how many miles I can put on my racing flats before they need to be replaced (600+ right now and going strong!)
  • Finish Arrowhead Ultra 135 (February 2012)
  • Finish Western States 2012
How am I going to do this? I figure that all I need is more consistent training and then I'll be able to physically and mentally handle the longer races. I only ran about 840 miles in 2010, and it was really divided into two chunks: January and February, when I ran every day; and the 10 weeks or so leading up to the 50 miler during which I ran almost every day. That's only about 19 weeks out of the year, and I know I can do better. In the course of this running, I'll likely follow a self-made training plan like I have in the past.