Monday, April 21, 2008

End2EndTrailSupply hanging it up and a note about GoLite

As reported seen on the forums today, End2EndTrailSupply, an online light-weight gear store with excellent customer service, is closing shop. Although I had never visited the sight prior to perusing it as a result of the thread, it is nonetheless sad that a reputable gear shop is going out of business.

I placed an order help clear out some inventory: a grease pot, two mugs, Aquamira, spork, and a 4 oz fuel bottle.

Also, the guy at Midwest today said that GoLite was in trouble. He said that Timerberland, who manufactured GoLite's footwear, dropped GoLite from their production line. He also said that it maybe a downward spiral, and that GoLite itself may close up shop unless they get people to make their products.

I find the complete closing up of shop to be a hard pill to swallow, but I'll watch things and see what's going down.

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