Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big week, big PR!

A big week, and big PR. Finally, I run a 50K on something other than crazy-hilly single track and PR by a huge amount - 34 minutes!

Monday: 9.25; 1:13
Out and around Mount 'Kato in the early AM. This served as my long run for the week.

Tuesday: 4.6; 31:55
A little jumpy with this one, functionally a Q2 workout, only 36 hours after Monday's Q1 workout. I shouldn't be running this yet, but I had one of those days where everything felt like it clicked. So I pushed it - here's the result, a sub-7 minute/mile pace with a wicked climb up Main Street. Also, mailed my registration for Saturday's race.

Wednesday: 3.5; 30:00
Slow and sluggish trot around local park. Nothing spectacular, but I got outside.

Thursday AM: 5.4; 48:00
Out-and-back, easy, to Mount Kato.

Thursday PM: 6.4; 54:00
Out-and-back, easy, to Mount Kato and then some.

Friday: 4.4; 42:00
Repeat of Wednesday, just a little longer and a little slower. Think of it as a pre-race set up. Extra bonus: I came down with a head cold in the AM, 24-hours before Saturday's race.

Saturday: 31; 4:45:00
John Dick Memorial 50K. Race report coming soon. Needless to say, huge PR by 34 minutes and I'm pleased with the whole icy, snowy, muddy mess. Headcold (and then headache) cometh in earnest.

Sunday: 4.3; 42:00
Recovery run. Ouch. Headcold continueth.

Totals: 68.8; 10:07:22.
YTD: 187.7; 26:54:44.

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