Monday, February 27, 2012

Solid week for early season: Feb. 20-26

I felt great all week and ended up running a wee bit too many miles. I managed to pull out a 22 miler on Saturday (long run should be between 12.5 and 15...) and felt good enough the next day for eight easy miles.

Monday: off
Just a really long day, and I needed a break after last week's 40 miles in three days. That hill run really took it to me.

Tuesday: 6.7; 0:58
Hill run with Main Street, Glenwood, Monks, and Stadium. May have tweaked my right quad by the push down Stadium. Or maybe it happened on Wednesday.

Wednesday AM: 5.4; 0:49
Really easy run to Mt. Kato and back. Legs a little sluggish after last night's push.

Wednesday PM: 6.7; 0:53
Same route as Tuesday, just five minutes faster and maybe tweaked my right quad (for first or second time this week). Had to make up for Monday's off day. Watched Unbreakable. T'was awesome. Review coming.

Thursday: 5.4; 0:50
Mt. Kato out-and-back.

Friday: 5.4;  0:48
Mt. Kato out-and-back.

Saturday: 21.7; 3:01:00
Long run with Multisport/Runner's Edge folks and pushed hard on ups and down. Helped get a runner preparing for Boston put down 22 miles of time on his feet. Awesome run.

Sunday: 8.2; 1:06:00
Looping easy run through MSU-Mankato/Hilltop area in 20-plus mph winds and 30-mph gusts. Wind died down during run but never let up.

Miles: 59.46 (six running days; seven runs)
Time: 8:26:33
Miles, YTD: 326.5
Time, YTD:  46:11:39

Up next is another 50-mile week, and it should go as smoothly as this one did. I'm easily going to clear 200 miles for the month and may get close to 220 - February's stats will go live Thursday. I'm seven weeks out from Zumbro and feeling great about running well there.

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