Monday, February 20, 2012

Too-predictable for a first 50-mile week: Feb. 13-19, 2012

As I predicted here, my first 50-mile week of the year could either go really well with consistent running each day. Or it could go not so well because I took a day or two off and ended up running the bulk of my miles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. History would say that the latter is much more likely to occur. And it did for my first 50-mile week of the season.

Monday: 6.4; 49:00
Compact hill run: up Main, down Glenwood, up Monks, down Warren. Felt great every step of the way.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Off!
I saw this coming and couldn't do anything about it. The two days off put me in a big hole - I now needed to bang out 43.6 miles in four days. You do the math. 

Thursday: 4.6; 41:00
Back on the wagon with the Main/Glenwood loop.

Friday: 9.25; 1:13:00
Lollipop around Mt. Kato. Awesome night run with clear skies and bright stars.

Saturday: 15.1; 2:05:00
Easy run with Mankato Multisport/Runner's Edge. Asked to pace a friend for a marathon-pace run; that didn't turn out, so converted into an easy run with the focus being time on our feet. Easy, relaxing, all-around good for you.

Sunday: 15.0: 2:05
Best workout of the year: long hill run in North 'Kato with three loops up Lookout Drive and down Lee Boulevard. Legs were destroyed upon return, all to my satisfaction. Extra bonus: I ran in shorts and a single long-sleeve shirt. No gloves, no headband, no fleece hat - just a simple ballcap on my head. It's February in MN, damn it!

Week: 50.3; 6:52:52 (5 running days, 5 runs)
Month: 134.3; 19:12:29 (14 running days, 15 runs).
YTD: 267.1; 37:45:16 (34 running days, 36 runs).

A few notes about the totals. It's only the 20th of February, and I've already run more miles this month than I did in January 2012. All good signs. The next two weeks are 50-mile weeks, and with 10 days left in the month, I should be able to hit 200 miles for the month if I can hit my mileage next week and start the week of the 27th off on a good foot.

If I do hit 200 miles, that bodes very well for the rest of the year - especially because February is only 29 days long. If we were in March instead of February, that monthly total could be closer to about 215. My biggest month ever was 232.6 in April 2011 (running 23 days and 26 workouts that month), and there have been a little over a handful of months where I've exceeded 200 miles. If I'm already hitting 200 miles/mo this early in the season, more mileage is well within my grasp and all I need to do is put in the time and effort to reach those volume goals. And that increased volume will reap rewards on race day.

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