Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If your shoes are dirty, run 10 miles in the snow: week of Jan. 23-30, 2012

Lots of good running this week, just low on volume - which was more than made up for by walking around all of Saturday and Sunday morning with a group of scouts.

Monday: 5.7; 50:00
Lunges, squats, rev. crunches, 4x strides, 100 pushups Week 1, Day 1.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 9.25; 1:13:00
Trip around Mount Kato via Indian Lake Road. Counted as long run for the week. Lunges, squats, rev. crunches, 4x strides, 100 pushups Week 1, Day 2.

Thursday: 4.6; 43:00
Up Main, down Glenwood. Slow and sluggish, but got the job done in the early AM hours.

Friday: 6.25; 57:00
Run through the snow-covered trails of scout camp, doing two loops on long ski trail. Mileage conservatively guestimated based on effort. Shoes came back clean.

Saturday: 3.125; 29:00
One loop of course run the night before. Lunges, squats, rev. crunches, 4x strides, 100 pushups Week 1, Day 3. Extra bonus: walking around with scouts the entire day.

Sunday: Off
Lazy - should have gotten in five or six. 

Totals: 28.9; 4:12:00; lots of walking.
YTD: ~119; 16:47:00. (That will be closer to 140 and 20:00:00 by the end of January).

Overall I'm pleased with the week. Mileage was a little low, but I started the strength plan in earnest and made it every day when I had to. Up next is a planned 30-mile rest week which will turn into something around 60 miles with the John Dick Memorial 50K planned for Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012. More to come on that, including a race report next week.

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SteveQ said...

I was going to write a long answer to your problems with my plan, but it comes down to this: running 20 miles at 8 minutes per mile doesn't do much for your ability to run beyond about 6 hours. The point of the repeated very long run is that it HAS to be done ridiculously easy just to be able to do it every week; it's a better approximation of the race (I meant it to be done on trails like Afton, making the time more reasonable). I think your plan looks much like what runners do who fall apart and struggle (like me, perhaps like Andy Holak). You can no doubt run faster than you did last year with better training, no matter the type. I keep thinking of Wynn Davis saying that, if he ever ran Sawtooth again, he'd just run up and down hills on the deer trails at Afton all day.