Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to winter: two weeks in review

Winter finally arrived - a few gnarly snowstorms, cold temps and colder wind. The numbers (sometimes) reflect this.

Jan. 9: 4.1; 33:28
Hill run.

Jan. 10 AM: 5.5; 45:53
Main/Glenwood/Monks/Warren. Solid hill run in the early hours.

Jan. 10 PM: 4.6; 33:39
Main/Division/Monks/Warren. Compact hill run way faster than necessary (7:20/mi), but it felt great. So this is how people run 10 miles/day with (relative) ease.

Jan. 11: 6.6; 54:31
Easy run on RJT out to Mount Kato on a cold morning.

Jan. 12-15: rest.
Went out on Jan. 12 and felt something twingy in my left knee. Looks like the fall I took at Seven Mile mildly sprained or did something and took the weekend walking around at scout camp. Rest, ice, elevation.

Week totals: 20.8; 2:47:31; four days rested/injured.

Jan. 16: 5.4; 45:00
Easy run.

Jan. 17: 7.6; 57:02
Hill run - Main, Glenwood, Warren, Stadium.

Jan. 18-20: Nothing
Work obligations took over everything.

Jan. 21: 7.6; 1:10:00
First real snowstorm of the year dropped 2-3 inches in 'kato. Slow, sluggish, lethargic run in 5 F temps and 20 mph winds. Started out with 2-3 hour run planned, and you see what ended up. Thinking that tomorrow must be a better day.

Jan 22: 15; 2:06:39
Like I said, tomorrow would be a better day. Epic long run with friends, 7.5 miles out into the wind and 7.5 miles back. Set the pace pushing hard but controlled on ups and downs. Had an odd pain near the back right of my right hip. Weak glute/hamstring? Not sure, but it worked its way down my right handstrings and made the last few miles a little difficult. Taking the rest of the day off to work that out so I can hit it hard tomorrow AM.

Week Totals: 35.5; 4:58:41
YTD: 90; 12:34:44.

Next week: Another 40-mile week, and the second week of week 1 of Hundred Pushups. I'm doing each week twice to extend out the program into middle of my second phase of training.

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