Monday, January 9, 2012

The ice storm relaxes: Jan. 2-8, 2012

Lots of good running this week as my base continues to (re)build.

Monday: 7.5; 1:10:00
Up and down some hills slowly due to last week's ice storm.

Tuesday: 5.2; 44:00
Up and down Glenwood with a lollipop added at the top. Again, ran gingerly due to ice.

Wedneday: 5.8; 48:00
Stoltzman Drive out-and-back. The hill is a strong competitor for the longest hill in Mankato. Ice still present on shoulders.

Thursday: 7.6; 58:00
Ran across the river to N. 'kato and went up Lookout, around and down Lee via Commerce. Pushed the hills hard, especially the downhill on Lee.

Friday: off
Slept horribly, didn't run in the AM, and evening was unavailable due to house project and guest. I know, results and excuses are mutually exclusive.

Saturday: 4.6; 37:30
Main/Glenwood lollipop. Solid time, pushed up Main easily and took Gledwood at a relaxed pace.

Sunday AM: 3; 30:00
Short trail run at Seven Mile Creek. On the way out, one of the other park visitors warned me it was icy. He was right - I took a fall on the top of a hill on the way down and slid to the base of said hill. My knees broke the fall and I rotated and slid down the hill on my butt. Rest of run went OK, just had to run around icy spots. Drove home with intent to run further, but was stiff, sore and left knee was in pain. So here I sit, a hot bath finished and an ice pack on my left knee and contemplating whether I can/should run again today.

Sunday PM: Zero.
Yeah, I'm not running on sore knees. Best to rest for the remainder of the day.

Week/YTD: 33.7 miles; 4:48:32

Up next: another 40-mile/5 hours running week with some almost guaranteed early AM trail running next weekend.

In my concern for my fitness in preparation for Zumbro, I am taking a serious look at doing the John Dick Memorial 50K out near Waukesha, Wisco. on Feb. 4. Looks like the course - which is determined on race day and depends on weather conditions - is fast (the course record is sub-4:00:00).

But it will all depend on conditions. Last year, the winning time was 5:37, and the guy who won it in 2011 also won the 2009 edition in 4 hours. Microspikes or something similar may be in order to handle a race known for its crusty course conditions.

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