Monday, April 25, 2011

Weeks in review: two weeks in one!

My apologies for not posting last week's summary. Here is goes, with stories as always:

Week of 4.11.11

4.11.11: 7.2 miles
Trail run.

4.13.11: 7.2 miles
Trail run. Again.

4.16.11: 1.6 mile warmup; 5K race; 0.6 mile cooldown
First competitive 5K for three or four years? Took second in 19:55ish.

4.17.11: 15.5 miles
Trail run. I forgot how hard it is to run 25K on trails at a good clip.

Time: 5:14:08
Year-to-date: 552.546

That week wasn't so great. No a lot of miles, and I should have run another 10 or so after the 5K. Downtime leads to an off week.

Week of 4.18.11

Big week! I ran more miles this week than I think I ever have in a non-race week.

4.18.11: 8.2 miles

4.19.11: 6.8 miles

4.20.11: 8 miles
Trail run with triathelete coworker. Nice and easy job on a new route.

4.21.11: Zilch
This goose egg would come back to haunt me.

4.22.11: 5.1 miles
Starting the day with a 4:30AM run just does the body good.

4.23.11: 14 miles
The weekend is here. That means putting on 37+ miles in two days! Here comes that haunting I warned you about.

4.23.11 noon: 3.7 miles
Trail run with wife. I'm teaching her how to handle the downhills.

4.23.11 1PMish: 8.95 miles
Trail run immediately after wife leaves. Tried to run at a decent pace. More or less succeeded.

4.23.11 8 PMish:
11.1 miles
Late evening stroll. Minus the stroll. My calves felt this the next morning.

Miles: 65.85
Time: 9:40:33
Year-to-date: 618.4 miles

A couple of notes: Even though I cleared my goal miles this week, I didn't get in my speed workout. The trails make up for it slightly - I run hard on all the down hills - but this is a repeated pattern that I need to address. Next week is 65 miles with a long run of ~16 and a running 13.1 at marathon-pace. The latter quality run should help me manage the stress of the last chunk of the upcoming 50Ks and the latter miles for my longer races.

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samh said...

Matt, thanks for the look inside your head as to how these races go. I'm thoroughly intrigued by ultra running and hearing it from the perspective of someone I know really helps me wrap my head around the idea. Congratulations on your finish.