Monday, April 11, 2011

Week in review: 4.4-4.10.11

This week started excellent. And then I took Thursday off. Friday was a wash because I went directly from work an aid station at the Zumbro 100 from 9 PM to 9 AM. Saturday was spent recovering from my sleep deprivation, and I finally returned to running on Sunday. I had intended on pacing a friend for 20-30 miles on Saturday, but he DNF'd before I got there on Friday night.

Alas, this week was supposed to be a recovery week and I took full advantage of it. My long run on Sunday felt easy and slow despite its pace, and its hills came easier than they have in the past. Three consecutive, full days of rest will do that to you.

4.4.11: 6.6 miles

4.5.11: 3.6 mile warmup; 3 mile tempo run
Unintentional tempo run done on the spur of the moment.

4.6.11 PM 1: 3.5 mile
Trail run with my wife. Her first.

4.6.11 PM 2: 4.8 miles

4.7-4.9.11: zeros
See above. No excuses necessary.

4.10.11 AM: 13.5 miles
Long run for the week. Felt great.

4.10.11 PM: 3.5 mile hike
Same path as trail run above, but walking half of it.

Miles: 35 (does not include hike)
Time: 4:52:12
517.3 miles

Up next: 65 miles this week, more than I have ever run in a non-race week. Three quality workouts: long run, fartlek, and either hills or a trail run (likely the latter).

Also, I have added the Voyageur Trail Run, a 50-mile jaunt near Duluth, Minn. to my 2011 race calendar. It will be a tune-up for the Sawtooth 100 just six weeks later. More on that later.

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