Monday, April 4, 2011

Week in review 3.28-4.3.11: Switcheroo speed work

This week was a switcheroo. Last week was supposed to be focused on lactate threshold work. This week was long slow distance with a short interval workout built in (16-24x 200 meter repeats). But last week didn't happen as planned; instead, I failed to complete my speed work and ended up doing back-to-back long runs over the weekend. So I swapped the two weeks. The swap left me with three quality workouts this week: long run, tempo run (37.5 minutes at threshold pace), and the mentioned interval workout.

I was skeptical of the plan. The last time I did the tempo run (35 minutes that time, scheduled only for 30), I was drained for the remainder of the evening. The 200 meter repeats is a personal favorite workout, but it is by no means easy.

The end result: I ran the tempo run and interval work hard and boosted by VDOT by a couple of points for future training. I skipped one day and ended up putting down another long weekend to compensate, including an 18 mile run on Sunday (my longest run this year). The numbers:

3.28.11: 5.1 miles

3.29.11: Interval workout: 1.7 mile warm up, 20x200meter repeats (2.5 miles), 1.7 mile cooldown (5.9 miles for day)
Personal favorite early-season workout.

3.30.11: 7 miles

3.31.11: zero...

4.1.11: Tempo run: 2.1 mile warmup, 5.5 miles @ threshold pace, 1.4 mile cool down (9 miles for day)
Sunshine and determination go a long way toward good runs. Results and excuses are mutually exclusive.

4.2.11 AM:11.75 miles
Good hilly course with Runner's Edge/Mankato Multisport folks.

4.2.11 PM: 2.5 miles
With my favorite person in the world.

17.8 miles
Longest run year-to-date. Felt awesome.

Week Miles:
Week Time: 7:56:57
March Miles: 198.67
March Time: 27:35:30
Year-to-date: 482.3

This week is a different bag. It was supposed to be a low week before the boost to 65 miles/week, but I've already taken a few of those. On top of the usual long run, I'm planning a mixed long run/threshold workout that will surely show me my place. I'll also be manning Aid Station 2 at Zumbro 100 from 9 PM to 9 AM. Sleep deprivation, here I come.

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