Sunday, May 1, 2011

April stats and weekly totals

Twenty mile runs are always something a little weird. It is a psychological barrier imposed by marathon-based thinking. It is the mile at which runners often hit the wall when running at marathon pace. Glycogen stores in the liver run out, and life starts to hurt. Which is exactly why we run 20 miles at marathon pace. Because it hurts. And we like it that way. And it helps us race. And racing is what we train for.

Week of 4.25-5.1.11

4.25.11: 6.8 miles
Still sore from Sunday's 23+ miles.

4.26.11: Zero
See 4.25.11 for explanation.

4.27.11: 7.1 miles
Trail run on 7 @ 7 course with coworker.

4.28.11: 1.1 mile warmup; 9.5 miles @ marathon pace.
Cruised at 7:20 minutes/mile.

4.29.11: 11.1 miles

4.30.11: 20 miles
Big day! Lots of miles at 7:30 minutes/mile or faster; mile 19 at 7:12, mile 20 at 6:54.

5.1.11: 5.1 miles
Calves still hurt. Still.

Miles: 60.57
Time: 8:35:38
April miles: 232.636
April time: 33:16:32
April days running: 22
Miles/April days ran: 10.57 miles
Miles, year-to-date: 673.906
Time, year-to-date: 95:01:31


Eugene Smith said...

Wow! Killer week.

Stephania Andrade said...

You are have a tough training regiment. Shows your will power which I like! keep it up.