Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Food mailed!

I've committed - resupply packages were dropped off at my local post offices headed for Finland and Grand Marais. This money can never be returned, although the packages can.

I sent seven days of food to Grand Marais and five days to Finland, a day extra per stop on the chance that I need the time - I am also starting with 5 days of food to get to Grand Marais, a 50 mile trip that should take me about four days. I have heard reports of two or three feet of snow on various, spread-out parts of the trail and nothing will slow me down like breaking trail on thick snow.

My first batch of jerky turned out excellent - the last pound is in the dehydrator right now. When this batch is done, it will be packaged and go in my initial trailhead pack. As for weight reduction, 63.7 ounces of meat reduced to 24.9 ounces of jerky.

There is little left to do but pack and drive. Just a few phone calls to be made and e-mails to be sent. And then, the North.


samh said...

I can thik of no better a way to spend the first part of the new year, Matt.

crazyrunnerguy said...

Hold up, I'm not leaving until Saturday.