Thursday, January 1, 2009

48 hours

Today is my last full day to prep for the trip. Other than dividing up the last set of beef jerky, I have but a single thing to do - get all the gear together and do a dry run on packing up. Lay it all out and see the big picture - forgetting something would suck. Check and double check the essentials - the devil is in the details.

I have also decided to go with my DragonFly instead of the Brunton stove stand and PocketRocket. Simply put, I have not tested it enough to put my absolute faith in it, and I have started my DragonFly in some pretty terrible conditions. I'm packing a 30 oz fuel bottle and starting out mostly full for the first set. I'll get some more gas in Grand Marais and in Finland at the respective hardware stores. Or somewhere. Even a gas station would do in a pinch.

When that is all done, I will relax. There is a lot of football on today and I need a breather.

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