Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Montbell splits UL Thermawrap from former unisex design

New for this year , Montbell is now offering sex-specific U.L. Thermawrap parkas, jackets, and vests instead of unisex models. The U.L. Thermawrap pants will remain a unisex piece. The parkas will retain their 80 g/m^2 of Exceloft and the the jackets, vests, and pants will retain their 50g/m^2 exceloft. My guess is that this is move was made because of the popularity of the U.L. Thermawrap series allowed Montbell to benefit from making the sex-specific styles. I would love to see sales numbers to support this hypothesis.

Patagonia's Micropuff line is also gender-specific. The Cocoon series sold at BPL is unisex.

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HikingFeminist said...

I'm shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that the women's specific models are not in specifically 'feminine' colors. Points for Montbell.