Sunday, December 28, 2008

Going stir crazy

One week from now I will be 1.5 days into my trek. Until that time, I am a little stir crazy. Everything that has been planned for the last six months comes to a head this week when I put it all together. The list of tasks is endless - buy food, pack food, mail packages, organize, gather and pack all gear - the list goes on. I will also be testing my stoves this weekend for fuel consumption. I did a little MYOG this weekend - I trimmed my windscreens and attached Velcro dots to them so that they could hold a consistent shape. I also made a balaclava out of Epic fabric to be used a softshell-style hood. This completes my storm protection.

One this is for sure, though. It will all come together, all at once, and it will be beautiful. When I get dropped off just south of the Canadian Border, the adventure will really begin. Me and the snow, woods and the world before me. Not a contest, not a battle - a flow. I shall enter the woods and meander down a trail that will lead to an adventure the store of which only the steps of my feet can write.

I just want to start walking.

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