Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Solo SHT blitz upcoming

I'm heading north this weekend for a solo trip on the SHT. As part of my preparation for my upcoming snowshoe trek, I'm going solo to see if my mind can handle being alone for that many hours under a large amount of physical and mental stress.

The destination is a 60-mile section of the SHT that looks to be one of the toughest sections on the trail. I will be starting from Oberg Mountain/FS 336 and hiking southbound. The plan is to camp Friday night near Britton Peak and Saturday just after Crosby-Manitou State Park. I will end at Highway 1 in Tettegouche State Park.

The only tougher section would include the Lutsen Ski Area sections. I'm bypassing Lutsen because of the length of the drive. I need to get some hiking in on Friday night, and it keeps costs down because I've got to pay double gas for everything north/east of Duluth.

My current plan is more dangerous than a simple out-and-back. By parking my car 60 miles away, I need to hike 60 miles to get home. This puts a definite distance on my weekend, and a visible goal to the weekend. However, the advantages are huge. I get to see more terrain, and I don't have to double back.

Now, all of this is assuming my ride comes through. I anticipate it will, but if it does not, I'll drive myself and do an out-and-back, doubling back on everything I do. The advantage to this is that if I don't feel up to the challenge in Saturday afternoon, I can simply turn around. [EDIT: My ride has come through. I will be doing the 60-mile stretch - 9.18.08 crg]

The weekend will also be a huge test for a a variety of gear. More on that in a separate post, along with a food list.

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