Monday, September 22, 2008

Gear for Blitz - lowest base weight to date

Pack oz
Sil Nylon 16.30
Pack liner 1.13
Shelter oz
Poly Cro 1.66
Easton stakes 2.82
Sil Tarp 9.67
Sleeping oz
Hydrogen 23.35
Ridgerest 8.08
Clothes carried oz
NW cap 1.02
MLD mitts 1.09
SM socks 1.94
BD gloves 2.36
PreCip Bottom 7.48
PreCip Top 11.89
Montbell Jacket 12.77
L/S top 5.75
Kitchen oz
Grease pot 3.81
Alc stove; screen; pan 1.52
Matches (5, in box) 0.17
Fuel bottle
Folding Ti Spork 0.60
Hydration oz
2x 1L bottles
Aqua Mira 2.93
Emergency oz
FAK; repair kit 3.56
Triptease (50') 1.34
Headlamp 2.75
Packing oz
S2S for bag 1.16
Sewn roll top for clothes 1.02
MB purple (food)
ID (toiletries) 0.21
Toiletries oz
Toothbrush 0.42
Toothpaste 0.67
Contact solution 0.74
Glasses case 1.62
Glasses 0.67
Bronners 0.53
TP and Wet Wipes
OZ 130.51
LB 8.16
Clothes worn oz
S/S shirt 5.26
Sm socks 1.94
Headsweats hat 1.66
Sunglasses 0.60
Watch 0.88
Zip-off shorts 8.92
Spandex 3.10
Carried oz
BD Spires 20.74
Footwear oz
Nike Elite +4 22.00
ID Gaiters 2.01
Misc carried oz
Knife 0.67
Cell phone 3.92
Polaroid i1035 6.56
OZ 78.27
LB 4.89
OZ 208.77
LB 13.05

There are a few things missing from above, but they are negligible. For the missing items, I used a 20 oz bottle for fuel, two 32 oz Gatorade bottles for water and two Mont-Bell stuff (not one) food. I consider TP and wet wipes consumables, so they are not counted in base weight. The weight of the shoes is approximated, but it is close. I have weighed them before. I also carried a small Tupperware container (0.35 oz) for butter. For comments on the gear see the upcoming trip report.

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