Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jacket in hand is better than one on order

Midwest called today to inform me that they could not order my Drillium jacket from Rab. I was told that Rab is out of stock for this year's model and is making changes to the jacket. I could not get the new model by my Dec. 1 deadline. So I went to Midwest and bought one of their purple (indigo) models in my size.

It is purple, effectively. This adds to my collection of purple gear - Montbell Thermawrap, TNF Nupste and Marmot Col. Woot. It is not the international orange that I would have preferred, but purple is still visible against white snow. Its still a bold color and effective for what I need.

So far, the jacket works well - I biked back from Midwest and the jacket breathed reasonably well. My sleeves were the area of sweat buildup, but I believe that will go away if I wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath. I'm not worried about it. I have been wearing it sitting down with a t-shirt and a softshell jacket on and been fine.


As a later addition to this post, I have now had the jacket for about 6 weeks. In that time, I have taken it hiking with my father, been rained on in it and wore it while biking. Here's the skinny - I can work extremely hard and not wet the thing out. Yes, it can feel incredibly humid underneath, but I am not cold because of it. As I relayed to the employee at Midwest Mountaineering, it is the best eVent is the best waterproof-breathable fabric out there that I have tried.

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