Sunday, December 18, 2011

Three days of running? Eh.

Lack of discipline this week. Pure and simple.

Monday: nothing.

Tuesday: 10.5
AM run over crusty snow. Flat, cold, etc.

Wednesday - Friday: nothing
Again x3.

Saturday: 7.6
Established new route up and down two of the biggest pavement hills in N. Mankato.

Sunday: 13.1
With the group. Thought run was at 7:30 AM, really was 6:30 AM, left house at 6:17 to blitz 2.2 miles uphill to meeting location. Clicked off ~10.5 /w group at good pace. Did the downhill on CR 90. Thought about a PM run, but hamstrings a little destroyed from Saturday/Sunday pushes.

Mileage: 31.2
Time: 4:11:14
YTD: 1628.5; 261:06:14

Up next: another 30-40 mile week, hopefully with more consistency.

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