Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Training through Christmas: Week of Dec. 17-25

The holidays are always hard. Time running is time away from relatives and in-laws (or out-laws, if you prefer). Nonetheless, I managed 40 miles this week, and six days of running. The week left me feeling solid about my fitness and current base.

I also realized this week that I am only ~15 weeks until Zumbro 2012. At 15 weeks prior to Sawtooth this year, I was sitting in late May/early June and had ~650-700 miles of base built up from that year alone, plus some of the speed work I did as part of that base. I don't have nearly that many post-Sawtooth-break miles built up, nor am I to the point where I can easily do speed work. Minnesota winters are a little harsh for intervals, as is the footing. At this point, I feel a little unprepared, but this will really be the first year I am taking a bulk of training from one year and really carrying forward into the next. Hence the solid feeling about my fitness and current base.

Monday: 4.2
New route today: up Glenwood to Monks Avenue to campus and down Stadium.

Tuesday: 3.5
Early morning slog through Sibley Park. Slow, sluggish.

Wednesday: 4.6
Up Main Street hill, down Glenwood.

Thursday: 5.7
Red Jacket Trail out-and-back. The path was clear until the ski hill.

Friday: 8.1
Shicoton, Wisco. /w the in-laws, set I. I didn't get lost this time.

Saturday: 3.25 and 10
Treadmill runs /w the in-laws, set II. Two runs with programed incline/decline and automatic pace adjustments. Did jump squats and paid for it the next day.

Sunday: off
With my parents. 5.5 hour drive to their place, with family remainder of day. No time for a run.

Miles: 39.35
Time: 5:36:30
Miles, YTD: 1667.9
Times, YTD: 266:42:44

Up next and coming soon: another 40-mile week, a look at my cross/strength training plan, and the hills of Mankato.

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