Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week of the treadmill: 11.21-11.27.11

Due to traveling for work and holidays, along with the deer hunting season going on in Wisconsin, I drove ~1,350 miles this week and ran inside twice.

11.21.11: Off
Travel day one, 5.5 hour drive.

11.22.11: 7.3 miles
Treadmill no. 1, progressive run. Travel day two, 5.5 hour drive

11.23.11: 7.6 miles
Hills in the early AM. Travel day three, 5.5 hour drive (not including stops).

11.24.11: 11.3 miles
Two wrong turns - one my fault, the other Google Maps's - turned my 8 mile run into this mess.

11.25.11: 10 miles
Treadmill no. 2, hill run.

11.26.11: Zilch
Travel day three, five hour drive.

11.27.11: 5.5 miles
Travel day four, two hour drive. Trail run ftw.

Miles, week: 41.65
Time, week: 5:46:16
Miles, YTD: 1,564.6
Time, YTD: 252:12:20

Up next is another ~40 mile week, and a lot less driving.


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