Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running again, post-Sawtooth

I'm running again, finally - two months post-Sawtooth, and way too many stir-crazy days later.

11.14.11: 3.8 miles
The first of several 15-minute out-and-back runs this week. The -back is always faster.

11.15.11: 3.8 miles

11.16.11: zip.

11.17.11: 3.8 miles

11.18.11: 4.1 miles
Up the steepest, gnarliest hill in town. It and I will be good friends by next season.

11.19.11: 13.2
12.4 mile progressive run with the group.

11.20.11: 5.4 trail run
First run in New Balance MT10s - maybe the best shoes ever.

Distance: 34.09
Times: 4:36:20
YTD miles: 1522.9
YTD time: 246:26:04


This was my first real running week since Sawtooth. The week after the race, I twinged something in my right hip walking around a festival. It became tight and stiff, and it felt like I was dragging a peg leg. The stiffness transferred down into my right quad, and I functionally took two months off. About ever three weeks or so, I would test it and the tightness would return.

Hence the two months off. During the middle of last week, I stubbornly started running again. Through the stiffness and soreness, and it dissipated. And then it went away. Something happened - it was like my right hip had been weakened or otherwise damaged, and a little bit of running was all that was needed to tweak it back into shape. Counterintuitive? Yes. Effective? I'll take it.

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