Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week in Review 3.21-3.27.11: The 36-mile weekend

I only ran five days this week, both due to a bit of laziness on my part. A temporary lapse in motivation, perhaps. To make up for it, I inadvertently swapped next week for this one, and racked up 35 miles on back-to-back long runs on Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, my thighs and hamstrings do not like me right now.

3.21.11: 6.8 miles
Fast 7:30 pace. A little too slow for a tempo run, but it was close

3.22.11: 3.8 miles

3.23.11: Zero
Goose egg #1.

3.24.11: 6.8 miles
Slow and sluggish.

3.25.11: Zero
Goose egg #2.

3.26.11 AM: 11.6 miles
With Mankato Multisport/Runner's Edge. Ran up a 2.5-mile hill.

3.26.11 PM: 9.6 miles
21.6 miles for the day.

3.27.11: 14.4 miles
36 miles for the weekend. Thighs ache, likely delayed-onset muscle soreness from Saturday's hills. A PM run wasn't going to happen.

Miles: 53
Time: 7:14:58
Year-to-date: 423.3 miles

Up next: 60 miles with three quality workouts, including a tempo run and a personal favorite: 200 meter repeats - 16 to 24 of them...

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