Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week in review: 2/7-2/13/11

Along the same lines as Tony Krupicka, I will be posting week-in-reviews as I progress toward the Sawtooth 100 in September.

2/7/11: 4.8 miles

2/8/11: 6.8 miles
AM run in -18F/-35F windchill!

2/9/11: 6.6 miles

2/10/11: 3.8 miles

2/11/11: 9 miles
Friday night fun run.

2/12/11 AM: 10.5 miles
5x loops around Sibley Park /w Mankato Multisport. Did some slight hill work on ups and downs.

2/12/11 PM: 3.8 miles
First two-a-day of the year, and in shorts no less!

2/13/11: 7.7 miles
Sunrise run spoiled by clouds.

Week total: 53 miles
Total time: 7:26:30 (h:m:s)
Year-to-date: 164.9 miles


I was supposed to run about 50 miles this week, the sixth week of the year. I have two more seeks of base building left (essentially the rest of this month) and then hill, repetitions and Dr. Jack Daniels's Phase II training kicks in.

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