Monday, February 21, 2011

Week in review: 2/14-2/20/11

This week saw lots of miles and record-setting blizzard on Sunday. We had 30+ temps several days this week and I wore shorts Monday-Thursday.

2/7/11: 6 miles
Two with wife and four solo.

2/8/11 AM:
4 miles

2/8/11 PM: 7 miles

2/9/11: 8 miles
Four two-mile runs (to and from wife's yoga class). She ran first and last with me.

2/10/11: 3.8 miles

2/11/11: 7.5 miles
With Mankato Multisport folks.

2/12/11: nothing
Blizzard! Running nigh impossible.

Miles: 41.4
Time: 5:50:42
Year to date: 206.3 miles

I'm not sure what to do about missing Sunday's run. I was going to do a double on Saturday, but was kept busy by other things. So I effectively missed a long run and was short about 13 miles on my goal for the week. Oh well.

Up next week is my last week of base building before training kicks in. Plan: 55 miles /w 14-mile long run (day?).

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