Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Running Stats for January 2011

Here are my running stats for January 2011.

Distance: 99.3 miles
Time: 14:02:23
Average pace: 8:29
Running days: 18
Miles/day: 3.2
Miles/running day: 5.51

This is about 30 miles less that January 2010. It is not something I can too concerned about. I have been able to get in my long runs on weekends because of my participation in Mankato Multisport, and have recently completed Day 2 of Week 4 (third column) of Hundred Pushups; day 3 is today and a progress test is on Friday. The mileage is also less than my average month goal to hit 2011 miles this year, but this month is for base building and not high mileage.

In February, I plan to run more consistently and seek to run closer to 120 miles.

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