Friday, July 10, 2009

Seeking happiness, one step at a time

In a thread about recommended reading for simplifying one's life based on UL principles, Ben Tang dropped these words.

"Folks who get their 'highs' from new toys can expect to have a harder time avoiding clutter -- and self-inflicted complications."

The link has the full text of his post. Take that, materialism.

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Anonymous said...

It gets harder as you have kids, live in the suburbs, develop new hobbies.

That said, Thoreau said it best ,,,,,simplify, simplify,,,,,,

As long as you have the notion that you want to simplify your life, you will find wys to do it. Downsize a house, take more vacations (think national/state parks rather than Cancun), spend more time with friends.

My family continually struggles with what is simplification, we may not know exactly what it means, but we can tell you what it is not.

Rob in Chaska