Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hiking on a bum knee, and other thoughts.

I'm heading to the Ice Age Trail in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (not a navigable gov't website this weekend (tomorrow) on the recommendation from some staffers at my local gear shop. Where on the trail I'm going, though, is not determined yet. I have yet to find a decent map or the trail or the forest. So I'll plan the thing when I get there.

I've also developed an inflamed plica in my right knee. After not running and not getting better for nearly two weeks, I saw my orthopedic surgeon today, who diagnosed the condition, gave me a cortisone injection and prescribed me with an anti-inflammatory patch. He also cleared me for hiking with a 10 lb pack. Gear list here.

I'm going to taking it easy this weekend, nothing too strenuous. It'll be a relaxing hike, and I'm going to monitor my knee and let it tell me how to go. I'm taking a completely new shelter system out this weekend: a poncho/tarp and bivy. While I have tarped in a two-person bivy before, I have never used the poncho tarp, or used a solo bivy. I also have not spent a night out in the rain with a tarp, or had to set up or take down in the rain. Such is life. Weather is supposed to be clear this weekend. I am also leaving a sleeping bag/quilt at home, instead opting for insulating clothing, including insulated pants. In a bivy, I should be fine. Here's to gear testing.

Trip report, with pictures, when I return.

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