Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If trekking poles could be sexy...

...then BPL's Stix would definitely be sexy. I recently picked up a pair of lightly used 115 cm poles from a BPL forumite. They ring in at 8.75 oz with mud baskets (I removed the mud baskets last night with the assistance of a pliers, and have not weighed the baskets themselves to account for the difference). This is far less than than the weight of my bombproof BD Spires, which ring in at 20.74 oz i.e. both Stix weigh less than one Spire!

As one of the few sets of poles out there that are marketed to ultralight hikers, they are designed with utter simplicity in mind. Also out there for options are Gossamer Gear's LightTrek series and Titanium Goat's Adjustable Goat Poles. The BPL's are heavier than other poles, but they do have a traditional wrist strap. Andrew Skurka uses them, although sans baskets and straps.

I haven't tested them, yet. More later when that comes.

Finally, I may be getting a pair of GG LightTrek 3 soon; if so, I'll do some comparative product testing and report back.

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Philip Werner said...

My wife just ordered a pair of Titanium goats. I have the Lightrek 4s from GG. Love them. But I go strapless. Don't miss them at all. As a point of comparison, Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Fiber poles weigh 16 oz a pair. Not really that much of a difference from their aluminum poles. Marketing gimmick?