Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 7 of 19 - Killed first pair of shoes

My marvelous pair of Salomon Comp 3's died this week. I had around 300 miles of running on them. The outside of them looks fine; the soles show some wear, and the fabric shoes almost none. There is just a crease on the rubber that brackets the balls of my feet. But structurally, they are shot. And so, they will be retired. I could tell because my shins started to hurt. When that happens, the support is gone.

I have needed to replace them for about three or four days now. The thing is, Salomon was between seasons for a few weeks. All of the '07 models were sold out or clearenced everywhere, and I didn't pickup three or four pairs like I should have. Last night, I went to REI and looked at one of their trail runners, the XA Pro 3D Comp. It is the same shoe that I hiked the SHT with, except that it does not have a Gore-Tex lining. After I had the folks down in Bloomington set aside a pair for me, the 08 models of the Comp 3's went up for sale online. I promptly bought a pair, and they will be shipped to my closest REI and will arrive next week. Thus, I'm thinking that I will keep two pairs of shoes that I can run at all times. When the first pair dies, I'll get another pair.


Running has been going well. I'm following the "A" program in Jack Daniels' book and am putting on a lot of miles. I'm running almost everyday, and most days with ease. I've hit section two of the season plan, which is the early quality phase. In this phase, I am getting some speed work in, all for preparation of phase III, which is where the most difficult workouts come.

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