Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My first real issue this season with blisters and running is upon me. The insides of my big toes are callused, and adjacent to the callus, a round blister has formed on each foot. The best part is that I stabbed and drained the blister on my right toe, and then it re-filled while I was walking around my apartment barefoot. Barefoot!

Also, I picked up some of Smartwool adrenaline mini-crews on Steepandcheap.com for about $5.50 a pair, plus $7 in shipping. In the end, I got three socks for less than the price of two at full price. I'm convinced these are the best running and hiking socks available, as long as the shoes you're in are trail runners or running shoes.

I'll be up at scout camp this coming week, so I'll get some real trail running in. I also completed my toughest workout of this season thus far, a two mile warm up, 2 x 10 minutes at threshold pace, and then an hour-long run.
On a winter note, I may pick up some MontBell Thermawrap pants from prolitegear.com for about $102 and no shipping, or about 20 percent off. Not bad, me thinks. I paid $127.05 for my Jacket, and that was about 23 percent off. Given my upcoming winter trips, I think I'll have to jump at it.

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