Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tarp completed; quilt mostly finished

Well, my tarp is completed. It ended up being 116.5" long, 66.5" wide. That's almost 9' long and just over 5'6" wide. The initial fabric was 68" inches wide, much wider than I expected. The sil-nylon was listed at 59-60" wide. This makes life easier because it allows more coverage.

The ties were made with 3/8" gross grain ribbon. I attached line tensioners (courtesy of Henry Shires) to the ends of the ribbon by sewing two seams. The first held the tensioner in. The second was one inch toward the tarp. This held the trekking pole tip.

To attach the ribbon to the tarp, I reenforced the attachment by placing the ribbon between the sil nylon and a thicker cordura 2" x 2" square. I did this primarily for the corners. For the edges, I did a rolled hem, first 1/4" and then 1/2". I tucked the ribbon ends underneath the 1/2" roll (with tensioner then facing the middle) and then turned them out to re-stitch them when I placed the cordura square on the opposite side of the sil-nylon.

I haven't weighed it yet, however, I used ~6.18 yd^3 of 1.35 fabric, 1 ounce of cord, .4 oz of cord locks and some ribbon. I'm anticipating it weighing about 10 oz. This does not count stakes or groundsheet.


As for the quilt, I made it only 60" long. I need to add about a foot to it. In essence, the quilt is three pieces: a top (including shell, insulation and liner), a bottom (just shell) and a footbox (again, shell, insulation and liner).

The bottom is a trapezoid. It is 24" at the foot, 48" at the head and 60" long. The foot box is 12"x 24". The bottom of the footbox (24" side) is sewn to the bottom. The other three sides are sewn to the top. The top is 48" at the foot (thus, it can go around two 12" sides and the top 24" side of the footbox), 60" at the head and 60" long.

The liner is 0.9 oz/yd^2 Momentum taffeta, the shell is 0.9 oz/yd^2 Momentum Ripstop and the insulation is 5 oz/yd^2 Climashield XP (0.82 CLO).

To get the final length taken care of (up to a foot, maybe another 8 inches), I will canibalize my old quilt. It is made of Primaloft One, Epic and 1.1oz nylong ripstop. When it is all said and done, it should weigh ~24 oz.

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