Monday, March 31, 2008

Note on rain hats

It is snowing and blowing today in Minnesota - we're expected to get 6-8 inches here in the Cities. None of it should stay around longer than a day or two. The roads are mushy.

But I walked to class today. I wore my rainjacket (newly Nikwax'd, more on that in the future). I left my hood down and instead chose to wear a wide-brimmed hat (Pendleton wool). I was unimpressed with the protection. Yes, the hat caught snow. But it did not protect the side of my face from wind or blowing snow. If it was raining, I would expect similar a similar performance. Also, with rain, that water has to go somewhere. If the hat was leaning back, it would drain into your hood. And then what if you want to put that hood up? Splash, all that water would drain into down your neck. Yuck.

Why, oh why, would anyone want to wear a rain hat when a hood with a good brim is so much better? Also, I can wear a fleece hat underneath the hood. The hood protects from wind. Why should I carry a rain hat? I do can only think of one situation - I used a rain coat or a poncho without a hood. And that would be stupid.

-Briefly -

So far the new shoes, Saloman Comp 3 are amazing. I have put 20 miles on them with much comfort. They stood up to slush today. They are damp, but not soaked or full of water like a standard running should would be.

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