Friday, August 30, 2013

Taper, etc.

There are just a handful of days left until Sawtooth. Taper is in full swing, and I have already hit the feeling of being rested, ready and jittery. In taper, I do not gain fitness but instead lose fatigue. (H/t Joe Friel). So here is what's left.

It feels like a sauna in here: MN, especially southern MN, got hit with a heat wave this week. Temps have been 90+ with heat indices over 100. I've made it clear here and to my running partners that heat is my proverbial kryptonite. That said, once the heat is here there is not much one can do about it but train through it and hope you get some benefit out of the suffering.

And perhaps the temp increase could not have come at a better time. It is immediately prior to the race and will help me be be ready if it is scorching on top of the Beaver Bay and Silver Bay exposed mounds.

Pacing: I'm going to shoot for a 30- to 32-hour finish. Something 29:XX:XX would be fantastic. How do I get there? I think by running smart and consistent. I feel like I'm in about as good of shape as I was pre-Zumbro 2012, and that race went poorly because of my too quick first loop. I need to stay measured and controlled on Friday so as to hit the night with plenty of gusto in the tank. More on this in a separate post.

Unfortunately, my wife will miss this race again because of some new work obligations. I'm going to miss her because she's my strongest supporter and the best crew someone could have.

Without my wife there, I am going to share a crew with another runner. His wife and parents will be up there, and they'll help me get to Lutsen. Watch for updates on Twitter/Facebook from the during the race.

The only issue with this crewing situation comes up if we get substantially far apart such that the wife and parents need to split to catch us both. To protect myself from any logistical SNAFU's that could affect my access to my crew, I'm going to use drop bags at two key locations - miles 43 and 72. These aid stations represent the beginning and the end of the night, and I will need at least a fresh shirt to face the next section, particularly when heading into the darkness.

Russ will be pacing me from the marathon start to the finish. If all goes well, he'll start somewhere between 6 and 7 AM. 

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