Monday, March 5, 2012

Another solid week: Feb. 27-March 4

Weird week with some achiness in my right knee that may have started with the 22-miler last weekend. Long story short, I have a dull ache in my right quadriceps near my knee, likely my sartorius or vastus medialis or their related tendons.

Monday: off
Yeah, I know, but that 22-miler from last week really did a number on me.

Tuesday: 6.4; 0:55
Slow and easy hill run. 

Wednesday: 16.1; 2:20
Mid-week long run while wife was out of house, and done in a light snow to boot. Weird winter, no?

Thursday: 4.4; 0:40
Really light run out to Mt. Kato gazebo and back. Still not 100 percent OK from last Saturday. Quad at inside tip of right knee is a dull ache.

Friday: 5.4; 0:48
Again, and easy run out to Mt. Kato.

Saturday: 15.8; 2:20
This week's actual Q1 workout was a nice and easy pace and same route as last week, just not doubled and an added out-and-back at the end to get to 15 (and then add my 0.4 each way to the group's meeting location). Tweaked something on the back of my right knee (hamstring tendon?) (same side as quad issue) bounding down grass on Stoltzman. Stretched on run and it went away, applied ice, heating pad, and took some ibuprofen when I got home. Knee felt weak (may be a little loose?) when I got home. Better today with good night's sleep, but still.

Sunday: 8.5; 1:18
Mt. Kato lollipop, which happens to be 8.5 miles instead of 9.25...gotta go correct January and February stats.

Miles: 56.6 miles
Time: 8:20:54
Miles, YTD: 380.9
Time, YTD: 54:32:33

Next week is a rest week for me, 35 miles of slow, easy work with no anticipated long run (i.e. nothing longer than about 9 or 12). I'll take it as I monitor the situation with my right quad.


Becky at Prairie Runner said...

Nice job on another solid week! You just keep putting out that mileage - amazing!

SteveQ said...

I have the same ache on the inside of my knee and I haven't run for weeks! It's a common ultrarunner problem, especially when doing a lot of hills or trails. If it's what I think it is, it takes a long time to recover, but it doesn't interfere too much with training.