Monday, February 8, 2010

I. Will. Go. Snowshoeing. this. Winter.

I haven't been able to get out on a non-scouting trip since October (gasp!). So I've carefully planned a trip to northern Minnesota the last weekend in February.

On my sidebar at right is my current winter gear list. Critique away. Most of the stuff has been used in some capacity or another for the past two or three seasons.

The major new addition is the BD Beta Light, which will be coming in the mail from a BPL guest. I have been drooling over pyramid shelters ever since Ron Bell came out with his Duomid, which when made of silnylon and combined with the mated net tent just might be the lightest, most versatile shelter out there.

I also was pretty convinced after Sam and I stayed in a GoLite Shangri-La 2 in Montana. It had plenty of room for two, cook space if necessary, and set up reasonable quickly. The only issue (this is not confined to mids, by the way) is set-up time for the stakes in the snow. Because the shelter is not free-standing, the stakes are necessary for the shelter to be supported. In Montana, we set the stakes in and the poles out and went and cooked dinner. By the time we got back, the stakes/deadmans were set up and the shelter was solid.


samh said...

I particularly like your notes field for the glacier glasses ; )

I too need to make a resolution to get out camping. I haven't been out since you and I were in the Bob. Gasp!

treklightly said...

Do you know where you will be going yet?? There's a chance that I may be up on the SHT the last weekend in Feb as well. Still waiting for schedules to hash out with my brother and a buddy. We will probably be going in with a Pulk or two as my brother and buddy are not ultralight... I'm working on them though.

We should do lunch again some time. I'd like to hear more about your running through the winter. I'm having a heck of a time zeroing in on my running gear. Although I've been consistently around 20 miles per week including some trail running.