Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gloves anew

I wasn't going to buy any gear this month. And then I lost my mainstay gloves on Inauguration Day. Anywho, I finally broke down and went to Midwest and to my surprise, gloves were on sale. I went again with my pair of mainstays, the BD Windweights (formerly Jetstreams) and a pair of BD midweights (formerly Powerstretch). The windproofs are for winter, the midweights are for the rest of the year. My girlfriend also replaced her Powerstretch pair after leaving it at the Beatles museum in Liverpool a few weeks back. She received a pair of TNF Denali gloves but has been thoroughly dissatisfied with them and demanded a replacement.

The Windweights are great for winter use at camp where I have a constant need for use of my fingers. They are so good I recommended them to a friend at camp who rarely buys gear; the friend promptly purchased a pair and has had rave reviews ever since.

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